Why You Should Take a Business Writing Course

Posted by Eileen Moynihan on Jul 26, 2022 9:54 AM

Whether you’re a current student, recent post-grad on the job hunt, or someone who has been in the business world for a number of years, you should take a business writing course. Why?

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Does Email Etiquette Really Matter

Posted by Eileen Moynihan on Mar 18, 2022 12:00 PM

YES! There are a million reasons why you should always practice good etiquette over email. You’re representing yourself, and your employer, every time you send an email. You want to be someone who has a record of always being professional, not someone who gets caught gossiping about a coworker.

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3 Steps to Improve Your Business Writing

Posted by Katie Sica on Nov 21, 2019 9:24 AM

For many people, grammar is something we absorb over time through reading and listening. We reflect our grammar knowledge in our writing without necessarily knowing why we're correct (or incorrect)—and oftentimes, that's enough to get by.

However, communication is key in the business world. Miscommunications slow down timelines, waste resources, and strain relationships. On the flip side, well-crafted emails, clear presentation slides, and effective business reports help you and your company succeed.

You don't have to be a grammarian to improve your business writing. Here are three strategies to better communicate in the workplace:

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