Why Data Security is Increasingly Complex

Posted on Jan 22, 2020 10:36 AM

Organizations are increasingly concerned about the loss or theft of electronic information, known as a data breach. Data breaches that result from unauthorized access by individuals within an organization have also become more common. These types of breaches, or data leaks, are commonly called insider threats. Insiders pose a unique challenge because they know how systems are configured, how to defeat these systems, and how to cover up any evidence.

In addition, data can be lost or stolen over a network or system or lost via a desktop computer, laptop, mobile device, storage device, chip, disk, or anything that can store or transmit data. As devices get smaller, and as they continue to hold more and more data, it becomes easier to simply walk one of these devices out of a secure environment. 

Check out our latest infographic for an overview of this important issue.


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