Tips for Charismatic Body Language

Posted on Jan 7, 2020 9:16 AM

A leader's loud, energetic communication style may be deemed charismatic by one group of workers, while another group might find that leader's approach to be over-the-top. For women business leaders, charisma is even more difficult to define and assess, and it can often be mislabeled based on stereotypes. Women who show charisma by being gregarious and expressive might be categorized as "chatty" or "emotional," while a calmer and more nurturing woman leader might be criticized for being too "motherly." Leadership charisma is a complicated concept with no single set of guidelines. But, the majority of workers would agree that a charismatic leader, regardless of gender, commands the room.

Can charisma be learned? Some academic studies have shown that aspects of charismatic leadership can indeed be taught. The infographic below highlights ways that you can use body language to exude charisma.

charismatic-body-language-SL-IGSkye Learning Certificate in Leadership for Women in Business

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