Subject Matter Expert Spotlight: Laura Althoff

Posted on Aug 8, 2019 2:30 PM

Laura Althoff is a long-time subject matter expert for Skye Learning, appearing primarily in project management courses such as Principles of Scrum and Project Management Team Leadership. Skye is also excited share Althoff’s experiences as a woman leader in the workplace through its forthcoming Certificate in Leadership for Women in Business.

Althoff is a change management and agile coaching consultant with over 20 years of experience leveraging capacity, supporting transformation, and enhancing organizational performance. She is the founder of Althoff Consulting and a Project Management Council Member for MindEdge Learning. She was formerly the Executive Director for Scrum, Inc., and the Director of Account Services at the Wellness Corporation. Throughout her career, Althoff has used creativity, technology, and problem-solving to build and strengthen relationships with various business partners in diverse settings.

Below, Althoff talks about the advantages of communicating with a smaller team vs. a larger team, especially as a woman leader:

To hear more of Althoff’s thoughts on leadership—including her insight and advice for current and aspiring women leaders—enroll in the forthcoming Certificate in Leadership for Women in Business, available soon at Skye Learning!

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