Subject Matter Expert Spotlight: Hitendra Patel

Posted on Apr 22, 2020 12:58 PM

Hitendra Patel is an innovative thought leader, keynote speaker, and author. He has taught innovation and strategic growth to over 5000 MBA students, including at Hult International Business School and the University of Toronto. He is also Managing Director of the IXL Center, a global innovation management consulting firm.

What’s more, Patel is Board Director for the Hult Prize Foundation, Board Director and Founder of Pollux Automation, a partner and member of the Clinton Global Initiative, and more. Patel has also published numerous books, including Greenovate!, Connectivate!, and Healthovate!

Skye Learning was thrilled to highlight Patel in two of its courses, Creativity in Teams and Organizations and Innovation in Teams and Organizations. In the video below, Patel answers a surprisingly complex question about how creativity should be defined. Is it something that just “happens” to us, or can we access creativity on demand?

Looking to stimulate creativity or innovation within your team or organization? To hear more from Hitendra Patel, improve your innovation skills, and leverage your creativity to solve organizational challenges, enroll in the Certificate in Creativity and Innovation today!

Skye Learning Certificate in Creativity and Innovation

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