Subject Matter Expert Spotlight: Erika Wentworth

Posted on Jan 2, 2020 12:02 PM

Erika Wentworth has spent over 15 years as an educator, writer, editor, and digital curriculum designer. Currently, she works with nonprofits and education technology leaders as an independent curriculum developer and consultant.

Skye Learning is excited to feature Wentworth as a subject matter expert in the Certificate in Online Learning, available now on Skye!

According to Wentworth, our brains love stories. In the video below, she explains how the narrative arc naturally lends itself to teachable moments.


Want to hear more from Erika Wentworth? Enroll in the Certificate in Online Learning to strengthen your skills in teaching online, using online learning technologies, employing narrative learning, and making online learning accessible.

Skye Learning Certificate in Online Learning

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