Subject Matter Expert Spotlight: Cindy Hale

Posted on Nov 15, 2019 12:09 PM

Cindy Hale is a transformational leader in the healthcare industry. She is Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Engagement at Walden Behavioral Care (WBC), a mental health system with 15 hospitals and clinics. Prior to her role at WBC, she held numerous senior-level positions in marketing at organizations like KHJ Brand Activation and Boston Children’s Hospital.        

Skye Learning is excited to feature Cindy Hale in its Certificate in Leadership for Women in Business. The courses within this certificate investigate body language, communication, leadership, management, negotiation, networking, mentorship, and work-life balance through a women-centric lens.

Hale is as an experienced consultant who builds positive work cultures and develops empowered teams.  With this in mind, we asked how she navigates disciplinary matters in the workplace. Click on the video below for her response:

Want to strengthen your leadership skills as a woman in business or become a better ally for women leaders in your organization? Enroll in the Certificate in Leadership for Women in Business, featuring Cindy Hale and many other women leaders, available now on Skye!

Skye Learning Certificate in Leadership for Women in Business

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