Subject Matter Expert Spotlight: Ángel Hernández

Posted on Mar 6, 2020 11:55 AM

Ángel Hernández is the International Business Director of Fetch Robotics, where he manages partners across twelve countries, builds relationships with Fortune 500 companies, delivers product and technical presentations, and more. He has an extensive background in technology, engineering, robotics, and industrial automation, including numerous roles as a robotics advisor and robotics engineer.

Skye Learning was pleased to feature Hernández in A Manager’s Guide to Robotics, a course within the Certificate in Emerging Technology for Managers. In the video below, Hernández discusses how the adoption of robotics may impact society. Are robots threatening jobs?


Are you a manager interested in leveraging emerging technologies to boost workplace productivity? Hear more from Hernández and learn about artificial intelligence, blockchain, and robotics by enrolling in Skye’s Certificate in Emerging Technology for Managers!

Skye Learning Certificate in Emerging Technology for Managers

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