10 Ethical Myths

Posted on Apr 15, 2020 11:11 AM

We have seen that there are many factors at play in shaping behavior in the workplace. Nonetheless, the question remains: How is it that decent people can behave in an unethical manner in business?

Research suggests a number of reasons. The KPMG Forensic Survey polled a representative sample of American workers and found that pressure for results was the most often cited reason for misconduct. Another interesting finding from the KPMG survey was that only 34% of respondents said a desire for personal gain prompted unethical behavior.

Michael Josephson of the Josephson Institute Center for Business Ethics has identified ten common rationalizations for unethical acts. Business leaders must be alert to these rationalizations (or what Josephson calls ethical myths) and resist the convenient (but flawed) justification they offer. Check out our latest infographic to learn more.


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